Outreach – Community Based Family Support

Family Support / Community Assessments / Community PAMS Assessments

Care 2 Share offer community based family support packages of care within the East London area and will work with the professional network and families to support families who made need additional support and guidance. This will include monitoring routines, engagement in local services and offering practical sessions in relation to the management of independent living skills and parenting capacity.

Residential Family Assessment Centres are not suitable for all families. Care 2 Share are able to offer community assessments to families who may not need the support of a residential unit. Care 2 Share will tailor bespoke packages for local authorities to enable a family to undergo a planned assessment. Each assessment will include a written report of how a family has progressed and make recommendations for ongoing support if needed.

Care 2 Share are able to offer PAMS assessments in the community which can often be an assessment that is conducted by visiting parents at home or by parents attending the residential units. The PAMS assessment covers child care and development, behaviour management, independent living skills, safety and hygiene, parents’ health, relationships and support and the impact of the environment and the community on parenting.

Each parenting skill is assessed for parental knowledge, quality of parenting skills and the frequency of parenting practice. By breaking these elements of parenting down into testable components, PAMS begins to make an assessment of quality that is evidence based.

An easy to understand visual Child Profile and Parent Profile gives clear identification of the family strengths, needs and risks associated with their parenting.